Design and Build Your own Toy Robot

Create the ultimate robot from a collection of parts. Use your imagination and create a robot that no body has seen before. It could be a killer robot or a cleaning robot. Or a new robot for the military or a create your favourite video game robot charatcer like Gundam or Transformers. While this game isn't for Xbox360, the PS3 or Nintento Wii but we feel it's just as fun. What if robots ruled the world? How would the robots look. Video games that feature robots are cool. Xbox 360 has many robot related video games. This site was to promote the Alex Pyros movie IRobot starring Will Smith. Released by 20th Century Fox in 2004. They also released Robots in 2005 the CGI animated film, which was also pretty cool featuring Robin Williams. You can make your own

robot chicken

if you want.

toy robots

here with our robot kit.
Other cool robots throughout history are Sony's Abio, Sony's Robot dog, the Robosapian is one of the best

toy robots

you can buy, the robo raptor aswell kicks ass and the robot from Lost in Space. Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with nano technology being part of this. You could also set up your robot to have a laser for eyes. You can now buy hand held lasers that are string enough to pop baloons and burn through plastic cups! they kick ass. These robots could be used for Xbox360, Ps3 and other video game consoles. The next gen in gaming is here. Make sure to pick up the DVD's or Blue Ray DVD's if you want the quality of 1080p on your screen.
This site was built for 20th Century Fox to promote the movies Day After Tomorrow, iRobot and Alien vs Predator. Some of the best Sci-fi movies ever made. Get these movies on DVD today. They are also planing HD DVD versions soon. Also look out for Alien vs Predator 2 coming in December 2007. Check out Saveyourself to see the full promo site. This tool designed and built by Soap Creative

So use your electronics and robot skills to create the best of silliest robot the world has seen and add it to the gallery of robots. Make sure to submit what you think woudl make a godo toy robot so we can actually send to a factory and get them made.

Design and Build Your own Weapon

Create the ultimate weapon or skeleton driven tank just for fun. We have parts from tanks, machine guns, skeletons, blades, swords, collectable toys, guns, knives, weapons, Alien Vs Predator and many other parts. Drag and drop the items to create your own unique creation or check out the gallery to see the crazy weapons being created. You could be creating a martial arts weapon or a gun for a video game. If the game is for Xbox360, the PS3 or Nintento Wii how would you make it differently.

Martial Arts

weapons are the best kind to create. Or imagine you work for the military and you have been asked to come up with the ultimate gun. This site allows you to create

collectible swords

that you will never be able to afford. That is unless you are a rich collector. What you you create, or What about creating a simple weapon for the army or military, what kind of rifle would you use. Imagine nun chucks but with exploding skulls instead. Or create an array of weapons like they use in GTA. Probably one of the best video games ever made.

Collectable Fantasy Swords

We have a collection of Medieval Daggers,Sabers,Armor and many other weapons form places all around the world. German, British, Australian, Swiss, Italian, Japanese, US and many more countries. Many of the art piece woudl be from

battle ready

weapons. But make sure you dont take them onto the street it might be illegal.

So sit back, relax and try to create your best

fantasy sword

. Pretend you work at Weta studios and your being commisioned by Peter Jackson to create a sword for the next

Lord of the Rings

. Lord of the Rings also has a complete collection of collectables and DVD's to choose from at Side Show Collectables. You can also get the films in many forms on DVD. There are also some great Xbox 360 games out there too although not as many Gameboy Advance games.
This site was built for 20th Century Fox to promote the movies Day After Tomorrow, iRobot and Alien vs Predator. Some of the best Sci-fi movies ever made. Get these movies on DVD today. They are also planing HD DVD versions soon. Also look out for Alien vs Predator 2 coming in December 2007. Check out Saveyourself to see the full promo site. Thsi tool designed and built by Soap Creative

Other parts include spider webs, bowling pins, radio parts, electronics and pretty much anything you can think of. Make it futuristic, medieval, retro or from Fuedal Japan.

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